Technical Solutions

At EAVP, the core of our business is the supply and operation of audio visual solutions for events. This encompasses everything from PA systems, lighting, vision, videography, rigging, power generation and distribution.

Our technical staff are all highly experienced in their fields to ensure your event runs flawlessly.

Event Planning

We firmly believe that detailed planning is imperative to having a seamless event.

Our staff will work with you from the initial concept, right through to event delivery to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your technical needs and to supply the appropriate equipment and technical staff.

To enable the visualisation of your concepts, we can generate floor plans and even 3D renders, ensuring everyone is on the same page while working to deliver your event.


EAVP continually invests in the latest audio visual technology to enable us to deliver the best possible experience for your event. This constant upgrading process also ensures that all of our equipment is as reliable as possible.

Industry Partners

Whilst EAVP’s focus is on the technical aspects of your event, over the years we have built a network of contacts in all areas of the events industry.

We are more than happy to point you in the right direction for any of your other event needs such as venue hire, marquees, theming, catering, site facilities, photographers, and much more!