Revolving Stage – Custom Built by EAVP

EAVP were engaged to supply a 2m motorised revolving stage for a theatre show that one of our clients was producing. After looking at the limited range of hire options available (most of which were based over East) we decided to manufacture our own.

Our in-house engineering team designed and fabricated the revolve, installed and fine-tuned the motorised drive system, and built a speed and direction control box with the ability to be controlled by DMX. Features such as soft-start/stop and emergency stop were incorporated to ensure the safety of the performers.

The selection of the correct motor, gearbox, and chain drive system was crucial to ensure the speed of the revolve was where it needed to be, whilst still having the torque to rotate with hundreds of kilos placed on the revolve deck.

The client was thrilled with the end result, and the revolve worked flawlessly. We have since had another client who needed a 6m diameter revolve (non-motorised), which we constructed as an extension kit to the base 2m revolve.

If you are interested in hiring, or if you have a custom project you think we could help with we would love to hear from you!