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“Not only do Ayrton products have fantastic features, but we’ve also met many of the Ayrton guys and they fit in with our values and where they’re moving with their technology. It was time for us to get the next tier-up workhorse that is super-reliable and obviously, the backing from Show Technology is a bonus. Going with Ayrton is a no-brainer since we purchased our Mistrals.” A marvel of technology that incorporates a 170 mm frontal lens producing an intensive 4.5° beam in a highly compact product format. A lighting profile that can be easily used for both short and long-range applications. Feature-rich from the factory, EURUS PROFILE includes a subtractive CMY colour mixing system combined with a variable CTO and a seven-position complementary colour wheel for displaying an infinite palette of vivid pastels and saturated colours. In addition, the colour section contains two additional filters for optimising the colour rendering index and TM30 readings. The framing section allows accurate positioning of each shutter blade on a 100% surface area in all positions, so that the user can frame any object regardless of the luminaire’s position. And that’s not all The image section includes 18 interchangeable HD glass gobos on two wheels: one rotating wheel with seven positions and one fixed wheel with eleven positions. The effects section includes one continuous dynamic effect-wheel and a 15-blade iris diaphragm. Additional standard features in EURUS include: light and heavy frost filters; a prism effect system comprising two combinable and indexable rotating prisms with fixed and rotating gobos that can create unusual and spectacular kaleidoscopic effects; a strobe effect, with speed adjustment; an electronic dimmer allowing perfect light adjustment from 0 to 100% without colour variation.

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